Instant Trade Offer

Value My Trade-In Car

Is it time for you to switch to a different vehicle in the area? Then, you should definitely consider trading in your current vehicle! You can earn back some money to keep for yourself or for your next car. Learn more about the easy process on how to trade in your car below and then bring your car to Regal Automotive Group to finalize the trade-in!

How to Trade In My Car

Trading in your car is easy even if it is your first time. Our finance team is here to guide you through the steps, so you can be aware of what to expect. Here are the steps on how to trade in your car below:

  1. Find the estimated value of your car by using our free, online tool. This will ensure that you are getting fair offers near .
  2. Prep your car. Since you will be bringing your car in for an appraisal, you will need it to be presentable. Clean it up and make sure you have the car’s title, key, maintenance records, and other items to streamline the process.
  3. Browse our new and pre-owned inventory for the car you want to upgrade to if you don’t have a model in mind already.
  4. Take your car to Regal Automotive Group and we will have it inspected. Afterward, we will offer an amount for your trade-in car.
  5. You can either accept or negotiate our offer.

Why Should I Trade In My Car?

When you are no longer using your car to drive around , trading it in to a local dealership is probably one of the easiest ways to get rid of it while making some money back. Whether you want to put that money towards the down payment for your next car or not, you will still be benefiting from the trade-in!

Trade In & Upgrade Your Ride at Regal Automotive Group

Get the car of your dreams when you trade in your current car to us in Lakeland! If you have any questions about the process, feel free to talk to us at any time.